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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PST

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director ford: good morning. i would like to call to order the march 10 meeting of the transbay joint powers authority. madam secretary, please call the roll. >> director kim is expected late. [roll call]
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with that, mr. chairman, you have a quorum. director ford: let's start with communications. >> item 3 is communications. seeing nine, item four. board of directors new or old business. director ford: any new or old business? seeing none. >> item 5. executive director's report. >> good morning. we have quite an extensive agenda, so i will be brief in my report. we completed 50% of the construction document review and are on schedule to have 100% cd's done by this year. in terms of the temporary terminal, we opened up restroom
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for the public on february 21. we also installed eight benches on february 11, adding more to the facility, as requested by members of the public. with respect to the bus storage, record may work with caltrans on the various studies we do. we also continue our coordination efforts with high- speed rail and caltrain on the high-speed rail components of the program. we started planning for 2011 internship programs with students that we place in our offices as well as various consulting offices. we are working with the san francisco unified school district and other programs. it has been very successful. the kids graduating from our program express an interest in engineering and architecture once they leave. just this morning, good news. we receive notification we were awarded a grant of $2.65 million
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through the federal railroad administration for utility relocation work. that was good news coming in this morning. in addition, the national science foundation has provided a grant of $780,000 to the university of illinois and university of california to work with technical consultants to study the excavation we will be doing at the transit site, so that they can use the data that they gain from an excavation for other projects that take place in dense, urban environments. with respect to the governor's proposed budget, we are continuing to monitor that. the legislature has not taken a vote on that yet, but we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted. now i would like sarah to present the quarterly financial report. >> good morning, directors.
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we have your standard quarterly report. these are for the quarter ended december 31, 2010. the first report is the budget to actual. that shows that we are within budget in all categories. we are only over 50% halfway through the year for expenditures that you typically make early in the ear such as insurance premiums, for instance. also, a category that we are close to closing out, such as temporary term of construction, terminal management. those are the only line item that are halfway expended halfway through the year. the second report is the status of contracts. it lists all of our contracts with their funding sources, the amount given to notice to proceed, as well as their indeed
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the and s p e participation. one contractor that i wanted to call attention to -- quarter after quarter, they do a commendable job -- and that is treadwell and rolo. they have a 30% sbe goal but they are at 78%. i wanted to commend them because they make and extending -- an outstanding effort to support sbe. for the federal fiscal year so far, dbe goal is 18%. we have awarded 14%. sbe's, we have awarded 35%. our quarterly investment report. in this low interest environment, we have a earnings credit bank accounts, so we do not pay fees or earn interest.
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so our interest earnings are on our unrestricted cash account. the fourth report is expenditures and revenues for the life of the program to date. the only other financial items that i want to note is on your consent calendar, we have our auditor's contract. assuming it is approved, we will be working with them to start interim audit field work. director ford: i was mentioning to director co-head -- cohen -- we are dealing with the issue of the new local hiring initiative. we have been spending quite a bit of time meeting with the mayor, supervisor avalos. at the next board meeting, could we have discretion on that? our projects are similar to
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central subway, dollars, policies that are not in court mission right now with our local hiring ordinance. we are trying to strongly support that. before it comes to the board, maybe it would make sense for staff to take a look to see what we can do to comply >. >> we can respond to you now on that. director ford: let us not immediately respond. let's go back to take some time. >> we can do that at the next board meeting. >> he will give you the updated numbers, but we are well over 90% for bay area labor on
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construction so far. >> as you recall, we are considered a regional project, as opposed to just a san francisco project, so we are different from central subway in that respect. how i would like steve to come and give the construction of date. -- now i would like to have steve come and give the construction update. >> good morning, directors. a lot of work got done in the last period since our last meeting in january. the demolition work continues. if you have been by lately, pretty much nothing is left of the original structure except a couple pieces of steel which started coming down yesterday. over 30,000 craft hours by the demolition contractor without accident, incident, or injuries, which is a great record.
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the big red crane, wrecking ball finished up its work last month. we are starting on the bus ramps up to the freeway and have already crossed power, natomas street. the shoring wall along fremont is in place. the lot between fremont and beale will be turned over to the webcor/obayashi team. we have moved the crushing operation three times now from the east end to the central. that is now processing material to be recycled and used for the back fell at the west end of the project. regarding the utility relocation package, work continues on natoma with sewer and water. beale street and howard work continues.
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waterworks and sewer work on natoma continues. that just began. the 4.51, the first relocation package, the joint trench work on mena is continuing. 4.6, one of the final packages, is before you today for approval. the 301 mission wall is temporarily under way. we have put up a temporary screen in front of it so the work can continue. we have demolished the original so we can complete work in the eastern lot. that is well underway. finally, the transit center and individual operations starting their. we have a buttress shoring and excavation package that was approved earlier this year. there permits are in place. -- their permits are in place.
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they plan to mobilize on the 28th to start pylon extraction. that is the first step at the eastern lot between fremont and feel. -- beale. just to give this some time line background, everything in the eastern ramp area is complete. the terminal building is down to nothing. what remains is backfill. they have started on the western ramp. as far as a timeline, we are still on track with a few extensions we have had based on the abatement work, completion in early july, which puts us where we need to be with follow on work. the next big objective on the demolition is going out to the freeway. here is a graphic that shows you how that work will be completed.
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the crossing at howard has already happened. they are working their way up later this month, i think the 21st thru 25th, will be working on the crossing. these are the site utility relocation packages. everything is in progress with respect to 4.6, which is the package before you today. 4.2, the mission water street work, will be later in april. just to move into some of the photographs -- the one on the left in january 2011, again on february 2011. that the area will be turned over to webcor/obayashi in a week. the central section and western
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half, how it has changed. we have now have the crushing operation on the western half. the stockpile is there and backfill work is starting. this is the demolition over howard street, completed on a 24-hour basis one weekend. the demolition of the structure across the, and howard, -- howard. the abatement of the buildings for demolition on natoma street has been completed. the backfill has begun, the member in that goes below the backfill material. that is in the central section of the project. that is the screen wall at 301
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mission in progress, some of the utility relocation work on minna, beale with the water. on howard. as we said before, evans brothers has had 30,000 craft hours, of which 28,000 have been local labor. 90% or more total crap hours of the demolition team has been local. -- kraft hours of the demolition team had been local. -- craft hours of the demolition team has been local. if there are any questions, i believe that is the end. >> before i conclude my report, i wanted to welcome supervisor
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kim, who has joined us as one of our board members. we are pleased to have you, supervisor. i look forward to working with you. i have heard wonderful things about you and are pleased that you are joining our board. thank you for being a part of our team. directors, that concludes my report. director ford: ok, madam secretary, let's move on. >> your next item is public comment. it is an opportunity for the public to address the authority on matters not on the calendar. i have not received any indication that any member of the public wishes to address you. director ford: ok. public comment is closed. let's move onto the next item. >> moving on to your consent calendar.
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i have not received any indication that a member of the public or board wishes to have the items severed. director ford: ok with that -- >> your items are approving the minutes of the january 13, 2011 meeting. authorize the execute -- executive director to execute an agreement with the vavrinek co. for independent auditing services for an amount not to exceed $144,000 for basic services and for a period of three years. authorizing the executive director to execute an number one with the sfpuc to provide construction services for an amount not to exceed 307 $5,000, for an aggregate amount of all services under the agreement not to exceed $600,000. authorizing the executive director to enter into a freeway in its agreement with the state of california department transportation to operate and maintain the bus only lane in
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substantially the form attached hereto for a duration not to exceed seven years. >> move to approve the consent calendar. director ford: properly seconded. all those in favor say aye. the motion carried. >> with that, the consent calendar is approved. moving into your regular calendar, item eight, approving the design proposal and budget for the recommended artist, tim hawkinson, and authorizing the executive director to enter into an agreement to create a landmark entry sculpture and authorizing the executive director to modify the existing agreement with webcor/obayashi to manage, assemble and install the sculpture and dedicated foundation system consistent with the artist designed for a total amount not to exceed $1,150,000. >> just for background, this board in may 2008 approved to have a public art program for phase one of the project, which
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includes the on the ground rail levels, but storage, to burke terminal and representative. the amount was 4.7 $5 million. a steering committee was created and we entered into agreements with the standards as the arts commission to manage the program. we selected five artists that would provide artwork that would be integral to the architecture of the station. four this have already been selected and the concepts approved by the board. we had held off on bringing you the fifth artist, who is here today, tim hawkinson, because this particular proposal required engineering studies because of the scale and scope of it. we have concluded that work today. having concluded that work, we are presenting to you the proposed concept. it is a concept and will still be refined. with that, i would like to introduce bill with the sentences go arts commission, who will begin the presentation.
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>> thank you. good morning, directors. it is a pleasure to be here and to see many of you again as well as some new faces. i am going to introduce an exciting presentation to you. we will be hearing soon from artist tim hawkinson, who has flown in from los angeles to personally present his proposal. as director kaplan said, he was the fifth artist approved by the tjpa. in addition, his proposal has been reviewed and approved by the transbay parts steering committee, the visual arts committee of the arts commission, and by director kaplan. tim hawkinson's sculpture proposal fulfilled many of the goals and objectives that were also approved by the tjpa in
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september 2009, and specifically, his sculpture will serve to be a focal point for landmark for the transbay transit center. it respects the prestige and civic importance of the building. it is a bold, original, you need to assign to san francisco. it responds to the monumentality of the transbay architecture. it will be timeless and meaningful over the many decades of the life of the building. it is complex and deep pockets. we believe it will maintain sustained interest over repeated viewings. i'm going to walking through our agenda briefly. in his presentation, tim will describe first his past body of work and explain his inspiration for the proposal that will be unveiled to you later in the presentation.
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sorry to keep you in suspense, but all i have to say is it is a program that my report followed a staff report on demolition. the next is victor from delacorte pele. my counterpart in managing the program, will speak to you from an architectural perspective to demonstrate how tim hawkinson's work is consistent with historical architectural tradition that pairs sculptures with significant buildings. moving on to the nuts and bolts literally and from a practical perspective -- because i am sure many of you are concerned about this aspect -- we are going to have barton explained how the
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sculpture will be supported and secured, with its internal armature will look like, and how it will be safe and secure an earthquake zone. i will come back and explain some of the logistics and strategies associated with bringing this proposal to fruition and obtaining the blessing and approval of director kaplan to place this item on the agenda. the next thing has jt beltran, vice president of the arts commission, a member of the arts steering committee, professor at the arts institute, who has brought her class here today to view the presentation. this has been the most exemplary and unusual collaboration towards a common goal that i have ever worked on.
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the partners have been many, transbay, staff, arts commission staff, pelle clark pelle, webcor/obayashi, whose generous contribution to the project really made it feasible, evans brothers, turner construction, peace gallery, and of course, our intrepid city attorney. now onto tim. he is a native san franciscan. he was born in san francisco in 1960. he spent his early years growing up in san francisco, san bruno, and san the tail, and studied at san francisco state university. he useis conceptual in his apprh
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to art making. his work is like none other. we are fortunate to have an artist regarded at the top of the strata of the contemporary art world working on our project. his work is from simple materials repurchased into extraordinary and unusual works. among the selected venues, his work has been exhibited are -- he was the u.s. representative at the venice the finale -- biennalle. the los angeles museum of contemporary art. the museum of contemporary art in sydney. it is my great pleasure and honor to introduce to you tim hawkinson. >> thank you, jill.


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